Red Cloud EP

Andreas Florin, young yet already the representative of the European Dark-Techno Movement presents an EP all based around the track “Red Cloud”.Collaborating with some of the best DJ’s on the scene remixes are provided by the likes of Niereich vs Mike Ban & Dietmar Wohl , Kuniaki Takenaga , David Christoph , Ambivalent and Gabeen.

Tracks all focusing on the deep and  industrial sound which is currently hot in the Dark techno record market.

This type of music is more examples of the self defined “a mixture of all kinds of Techno-elements” motion, echoing such artists as The Advent, Jeff Mills, and other names of the Detroit Scene, its source of inspiration coming from its first encounters with electronic music.

From all the remixes the unique sound of all the artists is clear.

Kuniaki Takenaga and Niereich vs Mike Ban & Dietmar Wohl focus on the bass and drums of a track that reverberate throughout calling on many of the original sounds of the famous city of Detroit, the city that gave birth to Techno.

Other artists like DavidChristoph and Ambivalent focus more on transforming the track into one perfect for the clubbing scene. Whereas Gabeen remixes his tracks with a stronger bpm, harder drums and a deeper base that leaves no respite.

All the versions differ greatly, but all guaranty to send the dance floor crazy.

This is an EP that will leave a mark!



  • Red Cloud (Niereich vs Mike Ban & Dietmar Wohl RMX)
  • Red Cloud (Gabeen RMX)
  • Red Cloud (i1ambivalent RMX)
  • Red Cloud (DavidChristoph RMX)
  • Red Cloud (Kuniaki Takenaga RMX)
  • Red Cloud (Original Mix)